Our community is important to us.

Credit unions are about people helping people. At Moya Financial, we take that philosophy one step further by giving back to our Slovenian community. Community giving is an enhanced core value that distinguishes our credit union, setting us apart from other financial institutions. It is the strength of community leadership that guarantees results that will last a lifetime.


  • $50,000+ Donated to the community
  • 14 Causes supported
  • 9 Scholarships presented (totalling $7,250)
  • 6 Annual Recipe Calendars (+ 1 cookbook!)
  • 60,000+ Bees in our hives
  • 14kg Honey produced by our bees
  • 2 Virtual bee workshops hosted
  • 400 Trees planted via Tree Canada partnership
  • Moya Financial supported VSKO’s 1st Annual Zimski Market


As promised, we have expanded our community commitment to four percent of our net profit and in 2020 we exceeded that benchmark by giving back more than $50,000. With many key events we supported in 2019 not taking place in 2020, we launched a new community-focused website to ensure organizations in our community can easily access information about how we can help and also to keep our members and the community informed.

MoyaCommunity.ca represents stronger ongoing support of the Slovenian community and we hope it is your preferred destination to review project funding and Relief Fund requests.

  • Launch of: MoyaCommunity.ca, Community Relief Fund, Online Donation Program
  • virtual bee workshops hosted
  • 5 years of the Moya Recipe Calendar
  • 3 grants for innovative community projects
  • 7 scholarships awarded


With similar goals in mind as prior years, we stepped up our game and introduced the Moya Summer Tour as well as hosted two beehives at our Main Branch. We plan to expand our community giving with a Heritage Fund, an initiative dedicated to honouring our members’ legacy through a scholarship provided to our youth. Stay tuned for further details in 2020!

We are proud of the work we completed in 2019. Our commitment to community is real, and the proof is in the numbers:

  • Number of causes we supported: 20
  • Number of scholarships presented, totaling $5,000: 4
  • Amount donated to the community: $50,000+
  • Number of summer events Moya participated in: 12
  • Total hours spent at community events: 120
  • Number of bees in our hives: 60,000+
  • Amount of honey produced by our bees: 14kg
  • Number of Slovenian cooking classes we put on: 2


Moya sponsors many Slovenian cultural and sporting events. We give to those programs and organizations that are working to create a stronger community for all of us. In 2018 we contributed over $20,000 through various sponsorships and donations.


Community is important to Moya Financial, and each year we strive to support our members and events within the Slovenian-Canadian community in Ontario. We are proud to support our community, our members, and our staff. By giving back each year through a variety of community organizations and events we are reminded that we are truly a part of our community and that what we do matters.

In 2017 we contributed over $15,000 through various sponsorships and donations.