Cultivating Community

Our community is important to Moya Financial, and each year we strive to support our members and events within the Slovenian-Canadian community in Ontario. We are proud to support our community, our members, and our staff. By giving back each year through a variety of community organizations and events we are reminded that we are truly a part of our community and that what we do matters.

Here are some of the events and organizations Moya Financial has supported in the past:

  • All Slovenian Cultural Committee – Glasilo & Radio Glas Kanadskih Slovencev
  • Bled Planica Social Club
  • Canadian Slovenian Historical Society
  • Dom Lipa Retirement Home
  • Evening Bell – Večerni Zvon
  • Holiday Gardens
  • Mladi Glas & Planika Slovenian Dance Group
  • Otroski Koticek
  • Plamen – Canadian Slovenian Vocal Group
  • Planica Hunting and Fishing Club
  • Slovenian Hunters & Anglers
  • Slovenian Summer Camp
  • Slovenski Dom
  • Slovenski Park
  • Gregory the Great Slovenian Church
  • Vincencijeva Konferenca

Moya Financial also continues to support the youth of the Slovenian community in Ontario by offering the Moya Financial Scholarship. Each year, we present up to four scholarships for students entering their first year of university or college study. Take a look at some of our past winners!