We’re here to help

We recognize that many key events will not, or likely not be possible in 2020. We understand that in addition to providing wonderful opportunities for the community to gather, these events generate much needed funds for community groups to continue to work.

Our commitment to donating 4% of our net profits through grants, donations, and scholarships continue with our Relief Fund program.

How to Apply

Similar to our current Giving Back application process, simply fill out the our application and submit it to marketing@moyafinancial.ca.

Please allow up to two weeks to process your application. Following its review, we will contact you by email or phone to let you know if your proposal has been accepted for funding.

If you require assistance with completing the application or have any general inquiries, please email marketing@moyafinancial.ca.

How we’re helping our members through challenging times.

Stay informed with the latest news and updates regarding COVID-19.