Submitted by Rachel Murgel

When I think of being a Slovenian-Canadian, Moya Financial is one of the things that comes to mind. It is an institution that has been a part of our community’s lives for over 60 years. As long as I can remember, the credit union has been there on Browns Line, with its doors open to welcome members. Having grown up attending Slovenian School at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, I can clearly remember waiting patiently for classes to end so I could run over to the bank and deposit my allowance. A member of the bank before it’s merge, Moya is the holder of my first bank account. Most of the things I learned about the value of money and financial responsibility, I learned from Moya. Interest, credit, GICs, budgeting, saving, spending: the list goes on. They were the foundations of my financial literacy. Each interaction I have had with the staff is highly personalized, and very informative. Any questions I may have are answered quickly and honestly, and I value the transparency of the credit union’s policies. It brings me pride to support a Slovenian-Canadian business and have that business be so impactful in my development. Years later, they are still supporting my financial wellness.

Having been rewarded with the Moya Financial Scholarship Award in 2018, I attended my first year at McMaster University with their help.

Moya’s scholarship gifted me with peace of mind, taking away some of the financial worry that my degree posed. It allowed me to focus on my studies instead of trying to juggle work with school while transitioning to the university environment. Not only that, but the award also served as a reminder of my connection to the Slovenian community. The scholarship was an investment in the community’s future generation, and a representation of their support in my endeavours. As the first member of my Slovenian family to earn a degree, the award helped me achieve my goals and set me up for long term success.

Four years later, I have now graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science from McMaster. At our convocation ceremony, one of the messages shared by the Dean was to remind all the graduates to think of – and thank – those who helped us earn this degree. While I joked that no one else wrote my papers or tests for me, I recognize all those that supported my journey through school, and Moya Financial is among them. The lessons they have taught me about money management, and the scholarship they awarded me directly contributed to my success at school, and I am so grateful to have had their support. I know that as I move through life, the credit union will continue to assist in my financial wellness.