Moya Financial was present at 12 events during the 2019 summer Slovenian festival season, including six major events where Marketing Manager and event ambassador Sasa Recnik was joined by senior leadership from Moya to meet existing and prospective members. Our tour proved to be quite the success with measured results:

  • Number of events: 12
  • Total time spent at events: 108 hours
  • Addressable audience at events: approximately 4,730
  • Social media posts: 45
  • Organic reach: 11,354 people
  • Number of people engaged: approximately 1,200 (includes event contest entries, email captures, and appointments made)

These results are huge for our small credit union! The feedback from existing members who stopped by and said hello was uniformly positive: “thank you for supporting Slovenian culture and families, and wow, a lot has happened in the past years since the launch of the new brand. I should know more about Moya and the new products and services.”

For members of the community who were not Moya clients, awareness and increased consideration stemmed from our support of these community events, but more importantly, from Moya’s new branding and website, social media, competitive product offerings, and online capabilities comparable to the big financial institutions.

This award-winning initiative took a casual series of visits to randomly selected events in years past to a full-scale multimedia campaign and activations with measured outreach outcomes that contributed to the momentum built in 2019 for a fantastic year. Our event campaign set the stage for further growth in 2020 and beyond. We presented a fully integrated model celebrating our culture and delivering on our promise of community at every touchpoint.

A meaningful approach & multimedia outreach

We wanted our presence to be meaningful, in terms of both physical presence and participation.

To do this, we wanted activations and giveaways to be connected to the Slovenian community, to be able to share ongoing programs and product campaigns, to collect and share feedback, and where the opportunity presented itself, to book appointments at the branch for members and prospective members with our financial planning experts.

We published our appearance schedule across multiple media platforms, including in-branch, in our e-newsletter, and on social media. This “come say hello” message functioned as a call to members attending the festivals and to those who might not be attending, with the aim of highlighting our real support of and participation in Slovenian cultural, sporting, and family festivals.

During these events we captured plenty of content for sharing in real time and afterwards on our social media platforms. Later, we shared this new content in other media, such as in our annual report and at our Annual General Meeting, and we shared content with festival organizers for their various communication vehicles.

An eye for detail

We wanted maximum engagement, so even the door prizes and giveaways needed to have cultural significance and at the same time be relevant and fun for both older and younger members of the community. To accomplish this, we sourced contemporary products right from Slovenia – EMO cookware that grandparents cooked in but would look fun and contemporary in a millennial’s kitchen!

Want Moya to be present at your next event? Drop us a line. We’ll work something out to fit your needs.