Slovenski Dom promotes Slovenian culture, language and heritage through cultural exhibits, language classes, literary research of Slovenian authors in Canada, seminars, social activities, empowering people of Slovenian background to get involved in community activities, promotion of voluntarism, provision of referral services for financial counseling, fraud prevention, translations, leads to Government support services, assistance in finding work for new arrivals and dissemination of information. Moya’s focus area of providing financial and banking services to the Slovenian community aligns with Slovenski Dom’s promotion of Slovenian culture, language, heritage and identity. By collaborating Moya’s financial services with Slovenski Dom’s emphasis on Slovenian culture, language, heritage, and identity will form a stronger foundation on which to build a lasting success.

Slovenski dom has held seminars for over 50 years. The seminars have been presented in various locations to live audiences. Because of COVID-19 we have changed the method of delivery of seminars. We have changed from in-situ presentations to virtual presentations. Our goal is to deliver a series of virtual seminars for the Slovenian community. The seminars are presented on YouTube on a variety of interesting topics. Because of worldwide distribution, the seminars are produced professionally to high standards.

We invite you to explore the following:


1. A Short History of Slovenians in Canada by Stane Kranjc

Mr. Kranjc has been an active member of the Canadian Slovenian community for nearly 70 years. He summarizes the roots, history and contributions of many Slovenians in Canada from 1855 to present day.


2. Natural Medicines of Slovenia by Dr. Richard Vuksinic, ND

Dr. Vuksinic develops his “Stari Ata Science” further and shows us how traditional Slovenian herb medicine is providing an entirely new understanding to modern scientific knowledge in promoting health and well-being.


3. Leadership Management Workshop by Frank Kreze

Mr. Kreze gives us insights on how to manage in this pandemic world which is making us change faster than we would like.


4. 70 Wonderful Years of Slovenian Polka in Canada by Walter Ostanek

As our Canadian “Polka King,” recipient of many Grammy Awards, as well as the Order of Canada, Mr. Ostanek reveals how his mother inspired his musical interests and what songs were his first lessons.


5. Fraud Protection with Michael LeBlanc and Stephen O’Keefe

This interview explores fraud from both the retailer and customer sides and gives a number of examples of how we must all be vigilant when it comes to present day scams.


By sharing these videos on YouTube we believe that Slovenians around the world will benefit from discovering the initiatives and projects taking place within the Slovenian community in Canada. We encourage you to watch those videos. They are brief and highlight some of the contributions and achievements of those who are proud of their Slovenian heritage.

We will be adding new videos to the above list and invite you to visit us again and leave comments to show your support for the presenters.