Since August 1991, Radio Glas Kanadskih Slovencev – RGKS (The Voice of Canadian-Slovenians radio program), as the radio broadcast arm of VSKO (Vseslovenski kulturni odbor), has been one of, if not the most foremost medial outlets for the Slovenian community in Southwestern Ontario. RGKS is a weekly radio program, airing on Saturday evenings from 8pm-9pm on CHIN 100.7 FM.

Through means of advertising, RGKS along with VSKO is able to support the community by providing information on upcoming events and other important news, keeping the community informed. Our mission continues to focus on maintaining links between clubs and organizations, businesses, and all members of the Slovenian community.

RGKS impacts countless members of the Canadian-Slovenian community – including members of the Moya community. It is the community members – individuals, clubs, and organizations – not only benefit from the advertising and information, but from the transmission of Slovenian culture. Every program is filled with numerous Slovenian songs, both more traditional and modern. With the program also being entirely Slovenian, RGKS is upholding the promotion and preservation of the Slovenian language in the community.

Like Moya Financial, both Radio Glas Kanadskih Slovencev and VSKO are committed to the future and preservation of our wonderful Slovenian community and to Slovenian culture in Ontario – and of course, Canada!  This is why we are proud to say that we align with all of Moya’s focus areas.

  • In order to preserve our culture and community, we need to educate. Education is key to our future. Whether that be Slovenian language, cultural traditions, or music, these are all part of building a stronger community and culture.
  • Transformation is imperative as we begin to navigate changes and growth in our community. It’s never too early to begin planning and discussing the future. But to do this, we need to have both the means and the inspiration. The time is now, to begin transforming for the future!
  • Our community is at its best when we collaborate and work together. Collaboration with both organizations and the community at large is imperative to its’ survival and continuation of our culture. We are both happy and privileged to have provided a medium for collaboration within the community and for all clubs and organizations for almost 30 years! Whether this be facilitating meetings or providing information on our radio program, we strive being able to facilitate collaboration and communication for and in the community.

On behalf of Radio Glas Kanadskih Slovenvec and Vseslovenski kulturni odbor, thank you to Moya Financial for your continued work and dedication to the Slovenian community and Slovenian culture! We are honoured to consider you a partner in the community and for your continued collaboration and support!