Things get easier when we work together.

It’s our goal to invest in three areas of our community that align with our mission, vision, and values:


Funding for financial literacy, Slovenian heritage education, and the preservation of our culture in Ontario (for example, summer camps for youth to learn about Slovenian heritage or a program with age appropriate conversations about money and finances).


Funding for community groups that propose innovative programs to help creatively resolve complex social or environmental challenges. For example, a student group might need financial support to build a garden to transform how people in their community eat, or a community group may seek funds to create and implement a mental health awareness program to create positive change at a local community center.


Funding for meaningful interaction between generations, community groups, and local community organizations. For example, two or more community organizations may organize an event that brings people in their communities together, such as a cooking class where the older generation teaches young people to make traditional recipes, or a workshop where youth teach the seniors about online tools and social media.

Does your initiative involve one of the three areas above? Great. Now let’s determine what type of support best suits your needs.

Our community is important to Moya Financial, and each year we strive to support our members and events within the Slovenian-Canadian community in Ontario. We approach this goal with purpose through donations, sponsorship, grants, and more.


  • Donation refers to the provision of financial or other benefits. We ask for direct recognition of Moya Financial. Donations include requests for non-monetary support valued at less than $500, such as a request for a donation of items for a silent auction or raffle at a community event.


  • Sponsorship refers to the presentation of Moya Financial Credit Union as a sponsor for a specific event, activity, or initiative. Sponsorships involve a strong brand presence – for example, Moya’s logo on printed promotional materials – at the event. In this category we usually look at proposals valued between $500 and $1,000.


  • Grants offer to fund innovative solutions directly related to Moya Financial’s key focus areas: education, collaboration, and transformation. We partner with organizations that prioritize increasing community impact. Grant applicants need to justify why and how the program works, explain what results are expected, and describe how results will be measured and reported.


  • Advertising refers to the placing of print, online, or other advertising related to a specific event, occasion, or activity. In-branch advertising refers to our community whiteboard and community screen.


  • Support refers to using Moya Financial as a collection or drop-off point for donations and other similar activities. Moya Financial will not sell merchandise for organizations and will sell tickets only if the funds can be deposited directly into the organization’s account.

Do you know about the Moya Financial Scholarship?

Each year we present scholarships worth $1,250 to deserving first-year university or college students.